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About Spark

Spark Alternative School resides within the school at Aurora Plains Academy in Plankinton, South Dakota. The school provides a structured education setting for students grade 5-12 who have struggles behaviorally in the traditional school setting. The staff at Spark Alternative School work to provide a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach to the behaviors that the student will exhibit within the school.

Spark Alternative School’s goal is to provide stabilization, coping skills, and reintegration into their home district. To do this, the school follows a schedule that is as close to traditional as possible. The students will transition between classes and will have multiple teachers within their day. Class sizes are small, which will provide students with a more individualized education and behavior management. Both individual and group therapies will be offered to help the student identify triggers and learn coping skills that can be used to avoid behaviors. Students are supported by educational staff that receive intensive training in behavior management with a trauma-informed approach.

Spark Alternative School is a State of South Dakota Approved Alternative Program. All credits earned within the program will be added to the State Student Information System. Teachers are highly qualified and endorsed in the subject that they are teaching.