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About Dakota Reach

Dakota Reach is an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities located in Plankinton, South Dakota. Dakota Reach is an entity within the company of Aurora Plains. Aurora Plains Academy is a facility of Clinicare Corporation of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Dakota Reach was established in 2019 and is certified by the State of South Dakota Department of Human Services primarily serving male youth ages 11 to 16 years old. Dakota Reach Provides: Emotions Management, Societal Norms, Living Skills, Full Educational Services, Health/Medication Management, Treatment/Transition Planning, Group Therapies, Behavior Support, Vocational Rehabilitation Opportunities

The average length of stay ranges from 12-24 months. The resident’s treatment team will develop an Individual Support Plan and Behavior Support Plan to create a plan and goals for the resident while within the program. This plan may consist of group therapies, vocational rehabilitation, independent living groups, medication management, and transition services.

Youth attend the on-site school. The school is staffed with faculty members certified in their areas of specialization by the South Dakota Department of Education. Each youth is placed in a classroom according to their social, emotional, and educational needs. Special accommodations are also available to assist in developing behaviors necessary to be successful in school.